Terms and conditions - 4DX Experience

1. What is different about VOX 4DX?

The seats are fitted with multiple motion simulators, perfectly synchronised with the on-screen action. Movie-goers will feel every jolt and tremor along with the characters on the big screen. Specially fitted mechanics around the seats mimic exactly the on-screen environment, making it possible to experience fog, rain, wind and even thunder and lightning, all in the comfort of the theatre. Finally, guests can also sniff their way through the movie - various scents are programmed to waft under your nose, enhancing the experience and complementing what viewers see on-screen.

2. What is the minimum age limit for 4DX?

Children under 4 years old or below 1 meter tall cannot partake of the 4D movie experience. For your children's safety, booster seats and sharing seats in not allowed. Children under age 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

3. Who should avoid 4DX movie experience?

This 4DX movie experience is not recommended for viewers who are pregnant, elderly, injured, or have heart, back or spinal conditions, and those with motion sickness, epilepsy or other sensitive conditions.

4. What are the 5 4DX effects?

The 5 effects are Light, Wind, Motion, Water & Scent using air, water, lights with seat motion.

5. What is ‘Light’ effect?

Lightning bolts flash from theatre ceilings using special lighting effects.

6. What is ‘Wind’ effect?

The ‘Neck Air System’ installed in the motion chairs blows air to the neck.

7. What is ‘Motion’ effect?

Motion chairs move in all directions in reaction to what is shown on screen.

8. What is ‘Water’ effect?

A special device sprays filtered water realistic experience of the movie. The water is purified, but please be aware of clothing sensitive to moisture.

9. What is ‘Scent’ effect?

A totally immersive experience including real scents of each scene, conditions, and those with motion sickness, epilepsy or other sensitive conditions.

10. What are the ticket prices?

The ticket prices are:

2D/3D 4DX = AED 130

11. How much does 3D glasses cost?

3D glasses cost AED 3 each.

12. Can I re-use my 3D glasses?

Yes, you can re-use your 3D glasses.

13. Where can I buy my movie tickets, apart from the box office?

You can buy the tickets:
On 4DX microsite – www.voxcinemas.com/4DX
On our website – www.voxcinemas.com
On our mobile site – m.voxcinemas.com
At our kiosks placed at each site.
iOS App
Android App
Nokia App

14. How do I get physical tickets for online / mobile purchase?

You can print off your tickets that were purchased online or through a mobile device, at the kiosks available on each cinema site.

3. Where are VOX 4DX cinemas located?

VOX 4DX Locations:

Deira City Centre
Mirdif City Centre
Mall of Emirates

  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Bubbles
  • Scents

From 35mm film to digital projection, the theater industry has been constantly developing further advanced technologies in order to create a movie experience more realistic. With these advancements came 4DX™, an ultimate movie experience based on the state of the art technology that delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience. 4DX is available at Mirdif City Centre and Deira City Centre and Yas Mall (Abu Dhabi) and Mall of the Emirates.

Terms and conditions