10 Most Embarrassing Moments at the 2020 Oscars

Oh, we love the Oscars. The glitzy gowns, the excitement of the red carpet arrivals, the celebration of all that incredible talent under one room; it's totally worth getting up early for (in this side of the world at least). But, sometimes, being invited to one of the industry's most famous nights can really be just … awkward.

From weird facial reactions (people really can't control themselves on live television) to wardrobe malfunctions, there were loads of awkward moments at the 92nd Academy Awards. Here are some of our favourite ones:

10. The First Meme of the Event Went to Billie Eilish

She made this face during Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig's skit as they presented the awards for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design, and instantly became a meme. Her bewildered expression is exactly the face we make when a colleague tries to talk to us before we have had our first cup of coffee.

9. Janelle Monae Struggled to take her Jacket off. Yikes!

Monae suffered a series of wardrobe malfunctions just moments into her otherwise incredible performance. Not only did she struggle to take her jacket off, but her shirt button was undone too. Props to her for handling the situation and carrying on like a pro. 

8. Eminem's Surprise and *very* Random Performance

This has to be one of the most random acts in the history of Oscars. Eminem stopped by to perform his 2002 smashing hit "Lose Yourself"....in 2020, and the look of pure confusion on everyone's face, especially Idina Menzel's, was a whole damn mood. 

7.  Blac Chyna Made an Appearance at the Oscars 

Honestly, we are just as confused as you. The Academy Awards is the most prestigious night of the year that celebrates the best in film, and is typically attended by A-list movie and TV stars. So it made sense why Twitter users were losing their minds on seeing Blac Chyna on the red carpet. 

"Why is Blac Chyna at the oscars?! If they're just giving invites to anyone, can I get one next year please?" asked one user @CarrieAnnxx. Carrie, same!

6. Diane Keaton Nearly Knocked her Mic Over

Diane Keaton was about to reveal that Parasite had won Best Original Screenplay when she almost took the mic out and dropped the piece of paper with the winner's name on it. Definitely cracked us up!

5. Speaking of Parasite...They Tried to Dim the Lights After its Big Win

The whole crew of Parasite was still on stage after winning Best Picture when the lights started to dim. RUDE! 

This led to angry chants by the people in the audience, including Charlize Theron, to get the lights back on so the cast can continue their speech.

4. Someone stepped on Olivia Colman's Dress

All we know is if it were us, we'd have probably slipped, fell and hit our heads. Kudos to Olivia for handling it so gracefully. 

3. Martin Scorsese Fell Asleep during Eminem's Performance

No one seemed more confused and baffled by Eminem's performance than Martin Scorsese. The camera cut to the ace director and this was his reaction... LOL!

2. Taika Waititi Tried to Hide his Oscar, and it's Awkward but Priceless

For reasons best known to him, first time Oscar winner, Taika Waititi tried to stuff his Oscar under the chair in front of him, and gave this expression while doing so. Priceless!

1. James Corden and Rebel Wilson Spoofed Cats

Among the many things that Cats caught flak for, its poor visual effects was probably the most talked about. Which is why it's all the more amusing that stars Rebel Wilson and James Corden not only presented the Best Visual Effects category but also spoofed their film while doing so.

"As cast member of the motion picture 'Cats', nobody more than us understands the importance of good visual effects." That SHADE tho!

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