Top Animation movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

Whether you’re going to infinity and beyond or deep into the Spider-Verse, your imagination can run wild with larger-than-life characters bursting out of the screen in the latest animated movies. From beloved superheroes to iconic princesses, you can catch up with all your favourite characters with our selection of the best animated films at VOX Cinemas. 

Our pick of top-rated animated movies will transport you to a world of make-believe inhabited by fairy-tale creatures, talking animals, and incredible heroes. When you watch the latest animated movies at VOX Cinemas, you’ll dive straight into all the action with our immersive surround-sound audio-visual experience, while relaxing on our spacious premium seats.

If you’re here to see the latest animated kids movies, try our family-friendly, brightly coloured KIDS cinemas. There are even party rooms available next door if you’re bringing a group for a birthday celebration. Those ‘happily ever after’ endings feel even more magical when you chill out under the stars at our OUTDOOR screens. Or try the MAX experience with crisp images and ear-tingling audio.

Must-see latest animated films 

Animated films aren’t just for the little ones. Major studios like Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks bring memorable stories and characters to life with blockbusters that connect with everyone. Animated films have come a long way and the technology used continues to amaze us all the time. See dinosaurs roam the earth, the outer reaches of space, and mythical characters burst into life in front of your eyes with the wonderous use of computer generated imagery.

As well as the latest animated movies, we also screen Disney classics and other iconic movies from your childhood from time to time. See what’s playing below and book your tickets to see your favourite films.

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