Top Biographical movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

Have you ever wondered what’s really going on inside the head of your favourite musicians or the world’s top leaders? Biographical films are your gateway to discover more about real people, from a unique untold perspective – through their own eyes. Biographical films let you in on hidden lives and events, so you can find out more about the people, events, and incidents that have shaped our world.

The adventures they recount can be even more thrilling than fiction. We’ll make sure you enjoy the top pick of biographical films with glorious, crisp digital laser projection and surround-sound at VOX Cinemas. 

A choice of ways to watch biographical films 

Discover a whole new level of VIP when you combine film and fine food with our THEATRE. You’ll have access to a private lounge and can sample the discerning menu created by Michelin starred-chef Gary Rhodes. Our GOLD is another luxury choice for dedicated movie fans, offering a private lounge, gourmet snacks, and plush seating for you to sink into while you’re watching the latest Oscar contenders. Our MAX screens make the big personalities on the screen even bigger and if there’s an epic battle scene, you’ll start to feel like you’re there on the battlefield. Or take a more relaxed approach with our lounge-style seating at our OUTDOOR cinemas.

Biography movies unlocking the secrets of the famous

Also known as biopics, biographical films can be informative, funny, heart-warming, or chilling. From modern-day music maestros like Freddie Mercury to politicians like Dick Cheney, biographical films give you a unique insight into the events and actions that influenced them. By watching someone’s life story, you’ll get a fascinating glimpse into what really makes these people tick.

From the latest releases to hand-picked classics, we’ve chosen the best biographical films that will entertain you, make you think, and inspire you. See what’s on below and choose your favourite. 

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