Top Crime movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

From real-life gangsters like Henry Hill to legends like Don Corleone, the best crime thrillers suck you into a dark underworld where everyone’s watching their backs. Crime films guarantee you’ll have an exciting night out. To make sure you spend the evening on the edge of your seat, VOX Cinemas has carefully selected the top crime films from Hollywood and the rest of the world, so you can enjoy every crime-filled minute guilt-free and in fabulous surroundings!

Our beloved experiences will ensure you can relax and enjoy every minute in prime comfort. Get up close with the most disturbing characters like Hannibal Lecter on the mega-screen at MAX or hide behind your popcorn from Patrick Bateman on the comfy lounge-style seating at OUTDOOR. Enjoy a taste of luxury with the leather recliners and delicious menu at THEATRE. Or really feel the tension in every second of Baby Driver, thanks to the multi-sensory effects and motion chairs at 4DX.

The greatest crime films

Some crime films like Heat have you in hot pursuit of the bad guys alongside the detectives in charge. In others like The Departed, you’ll step into a murky world alongside criminals from an up-close, shadier, perspective. 

Whether you’re looking for iconic Mafia stories or the latest neo-noir thrillers, we’ve picked the best crime films out there for your enjoyment. And thanks to our exceptional ways to watch, you can enjoy a night out with loved ones and friends witnessing each plot twist and double-cross in total comfort.  

From cult classics we know you love to watch again and again like Scarface to the latest crime films, check out what’s on at VOX Cinemas below.

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