Top Documentary movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

From discovering the wonders of Mother Earth to a glimpse into extraordinary real lives and ground-breaking events, the best documentaries will both entertain and educate you. Whether it’s experiencing the extreme cold of the Poles in Frozen Planet, or getting up close with the wildlife and history of our desert home, at VOX Cinemas, we hand-select the latest documentary movies from around the world for you to enjoy. Packed with breath-taking cinematography and thought-provoking messages, watch documentaries the way you want to with our choice of state-of-the-art cinemas. 

Sit back and watch in amazement as the secrets of the natural world are brought vividly to life on the mega-screen at MAX. The intense colours of a coral reef seem to spill off the screen and burst into life in incredible detail on the IMAX screen. Look up into the night sky to see the stars twinkle as you watch a documentary about outer space at OUTDOORS. Or treat yourself to a delicious meal at THEATRE before settling back into the lavish leather recliners to watch the real-life action on the big screen.

Your guide to the best documentaries out there

Documentaries can be funny or fascinating, thought-provoking or inspiring. They can highlight key issues we’re facing today or celebrate human achievement and endeavour. Whether you’re looking for a historical documentary, a nature documentary, or a real-life story, you’ll journey to different parts of the Earth and step into the shoes of people around the globe. There may be a serious message to take on board, or a documentary might just make you feel good about being alive. 

We screen the top documentaries from around the globe. Why not open up a whole new window on the world, and let international filmmakers take you on a journey of discovery? Take a look below to see what’s on and expand your horizons.

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