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Drama movies might not always be true stories, but they connect and relate to us on a personal level. Thanks to the immersive audio-visual experience in our state-of-the-art cinemas, when you watch the top drama films at VOX Cinemas, you’ll feel like you’re right there experiencing the story unfold. 

We’ve enhanced your movie-going experience with a choice of ways to watch the best drama movies. Premium size seating in our MAX cinemas comes complete with an armrest and side table to place a box of tissues for the tearjerkers out there. Or enjoy a period drama straight from the pages of your favourite novel while sipping on Rhodes’ English afternoon tea at THEATRE.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions watching the top drama movies

When you watch a drama movie, you take a deep look at what it means to be human. And that means you’ll see the very best, and worst, of humanity. 

The top drama movies can be divided into a range of sub-genres, including crime drama, historical drama, comedy drama, and romantic drama. They may be funny. They may be sad. Or they can be both. The characters will be compelling to watch whether they are loveable or repulsive, and the plotlines will be captivating while still remaining realistic and grounded. We’ve carefully selected the best, must-watch drama movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and beyond so you can be sure you’ll leave the film feeling inspired and emotional. 

We show the latest dramas as well as carefully selected cult classics, which have stood the test of time. Take a look below at what’s on and get ready to settle down to watch your favourite films at VOX Cinemas.

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