Top Fantasy movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

Follow the fellowship, learn witchcraft and wizardry or follow your heroes as they fight for their kingdom in the best fantasy films! Look for Fantastic Beasts or escape Smaug’s scorching fire breath. At VOX Cinemas, we’ll make your dreams a reality with extraordinary ways to watch your favourite fantasy films. Our ultramodern technology means that you’ll see every detail thanks to the crisp imagery on our 20m mega-screen at MAX. Designed for the biggest blockbusters, it makes those larger-than-life characters even bigger. Indulge in comfort with our premium seating, complete with a handy side table for you to rest your movie-night snacks.

If you want to combine fine food with fantasy, try our THEATRE and GOLD dining experiences. Or live the ultimate fantasy adventure at the 4DX, where our motion seats will transport you to the battleground to feel the swords clash and spells cast. And you’ll experience the wind and rain on your face too, just as the characters on screen do.

Unleash your imagination with the best fantasy films

We’ve selected the best fantasy films from Hollywood, Bollywood, and beyond so you enjoy a truly magical evening at VOX Cinemas. Discover far away worlds that are home to evil empires, terrifying monsters and mythical beasts. And of course, a dashing hero or heroine to save the day. Whether the action is set in Middle Earth or a galaxy far, far away, there’s spectacular scenery to enjoy. You might even recognise some of it from home, such as the Abu Dhabi desert, which was a location used while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Are you ready to escape from the monotony of everyday life and embark on an adventure of epic proportions? Take a look below at our pick of fantasy films and book now.

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