Get snacks delivered straight to your seat at Mall of the Emirates

Our in-seat delivery service is now applicable to all the snacks pre-booked along with your ticket. That means all you have to do is order your favourite food and drinks online from a wide variety of options while booking tickets, arrive at Mall of the Emirates and head straight to the auditoriums. We will deliver your order right to your seat – fresh and delicious! 

But wait, there’s a catch. Your chosen snacks will be delivered to you ONLY if you’ve pre-booked them with your ticket. If you’ve purchased them separately, you still have to go to the food collection point to grab your order. 

So, book everything online today and leave the rest to us.



Q. What is in-seat delivery?

  • It's an online food and drinks service that allows our guests to have a safe and contactless experience by ordering their chosen food and beverage and having it delivered to their seat in a sealed box before their movie starts. 

Q. How does it work?

  • Guests can order from our app or website. Log into your account (guest accounts aren't allowed), choose your film, book tickets, and select your snacks. Place your order, arrive at the cinema, and your meal box will be waiting for you at your seat. 

Q. Are there any restrictions for in-seat delivery?

  • Guests can only opt for in-seat delivery if their movie doesn’t start within the next 45 minutes. Anything less than 45 minutes and the option won’t be allowed. 

Q. Where is the in-seat delivery option currently available?

  • This service is only available in Mall of the Emirates.

Q. What snacks are available with in-seat delivery?

  • All our cinema classics, popcorn, nachos, soft drinks water, candies and slushies are available with in-seat delivery. 

Q. Is it safe and will the quality of the snacks be maintained?

  • Yes, all our food and drinks are placed in a closed box, and we follow strict food safety regulations. Your food is prepared fresh and delivered as close to the start time of the movie as possible. This makes sure your food is of the highest standard. 

Q. Is there any extra delivery fees?

  • In-seat delivery is completely free of charge and there is no additional delivery fees involved.