Late night activities during Ramadan

Days during Ramadan can be long, challenging and tiring. Fasting during daylight hours means you need to adjust your body clock and prep yourself mentally to stay active after dark. Once the sun sets on another day, you can enjoy your time until the Ramadan Suhoor feasts replenish your body and re-energise you for another day’s fasting.

While daytime during Ramadan may be the right time to nourish your spiritual self, Ramadan nights are the time when you can celebrate, feast, and have a wonderful time with friends and family. Here are a few things we think you’ll enjoy doing once the sun goes down:

Late-night dining

Across the UAE, shops, restaurants and entertainment centres change their hours so that even during the early hours of the morning you can dine at your leisure, in preparation for the next day’s fasting. Look out for special family offers, Ramadan Suhoor feasts and buffets or extra-special offers at entertainment complexes. At our own THEATRE, you can combine a gourmet buffet with a fabulous evening’s entertainment at one of the most luxurious movie theatres in the UAE. What better way to end the evening than dinner and a movie?


While some shops may be open during the day, during Ramadan majority of trading takes place at night. Malls, shops and boutiques extend their opening hours to meet the demands of the crowds who come looking for a bargain or a special treat. Our top tip: check out the wonderful Meena Bazaar in the centre of Old Dubai. This traditional bazaar is filled with stalls that are loaded with fabrics, jewellery and of course, some of the tastiest food on offer for a late-night snack. If you prefer something more modern, then all of the UAE’s malls stay open well into the early hours too.

Stargazing – see the wonders of the universe

Ramadan is all about contemplation, and part of that is understanding our place in the universe. What better way to do that than with a desert stargazing experience? Escape the light pollution of the city and head out into the desert, where you can see the full majesty of the night sky in all its glory.

Night-time golf

Playing a sport during the day may tax your body too much, so why not try night-time golf instead? Practice your swing under floodlights – it’s cooler too so you’ll feel more comfortable as you get in a round of golf at some of the UAE’s best clubs.

Football under the floodlights

We love our football in the UAE and during Ramadan games are played under floodlights at night so as not to break the fast (or put the players and spectators under undue physical pressure). Check out the Dome at Dubai Sports City where Ramadan football tournaments are often held on their indoor pitch.

With so much to do at night during Ramadan, a day of quiet contemplation and prayer will come as a welcome relief from all that activity. But once the sun goes down again, it’s time to feast, have fun, and enjoy yourself once again. What do you want to do tonight?

Catch a movie

How does relaxing under the stars while watching the latest blockbuster on a big screen sound? One of our favourite things to do during Ramadan nights is to catch a movie at a VOX Cinema in the UAE. From the ultra-immersive experience of 4DX to the unique feeling of watching your favourite movie on our OUTDOOR cinema screen, this has to be the best way to unwind and relax after a day’s fasting.

Make it a family affair with a trip to our IMAX theatre or sink into the luxury of leather seats in our GOLD cinemas. There are plenty of snacks and cold drinks on offer too and if the kids are still awake then our KIDS cinema shows family-friendly films suitable for children of all ages.