Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission

Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission

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Set in Seoul during Japanese occupation of Korea, the Korean language is banned from schools and being replaced more and more with Japanese. After being fired from the theater, Pan-su goes to a job interview at the Korean Language society. An illiterate man who’s been in and out of prison to help with making a dictionary? Jung-hwan, the representative of the society, is unconvinced but pushed by his team members who welcome Pan-su and hire him. However, Jung-hwan makes it conditional for a month given that Pan-su learns to read and write. Wondering why they collect words instead of money, Pan-su soon opens his eyes to the importance of his native language. With no time to lose, they must evade surveillance from the Japanese and finish the ‘Mal-mo-e’ dictionary…

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Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi

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    1. 8:00pm

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