Mr. Local

Mr. Local

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A happy-go-lucky young man falls in love with a rich and assertive woman. The story travels breezily through a web of love, ego and comedy in this fun-filled family entertainer.

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Mr. Local - Showtimes


  1. Standard
    1. 4:35pm

Cineplex Grand Hyatt

  1. Standard
    1. 8:15pm

City Centre Ajman

  1. Standard
    1. 4:45pm
    2. 11:00pm

City Centre Deira

  1. Standard
    1. 7:40pm
    2. 11:25pm

City Centre Sharjah

  1. Standard
    1. 4:00pm
    2. 10:00pm

City Centre Shindagha

  1. Standard
    1. 3:25pm
    2. 8:00pm

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