On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding Day

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Woo-yeon is a 19-year old high school student who’s not good at anything. Seemingly out of the blue, a new transfer student, Seung-hee, shows up before his eyes and he falls helplessly in love with her. From that day forward, he only had one goal in life – to become Seung-hee’s proud boyfriend! He even gives up fighting, which he loves very much, and goes to college, which he never thought he’d do, just to be near Seung-hee, but to her, he’s just a good friend. Perhaps due to bad luck, he never manages to get out of the friendzone and it tears him apart. Even after 10 years, his love for her hasn’t changed but the timing always seems to be slightly off. Can their love be fulfilled?

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Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi

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