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This is a story about power, greed, love, human fallacies – but most importantly it is a story about the life journeys of a spectrum of characters, their actions, and consequences. Set in a contemporary political family, the story of Prassthanam is a Shakespearean epic in its structure, dealing with complex questions of consequentiality’s, morality, and desires. Like a contemporary Mahabharata, portrayed on a grand political canvas, no character in the film is black or white, each of them is as human as it can get

Prassthanam - Showtimes

City Centre Deira

  1. Standard
    1. 10:00am
    2. 12:50pm
    3. 5:10pm
    4. 8:15pm

City Centre Sharjah

  1. Standard
    1. 10:40am
    2. 4:25pm
    3. 10:10pm

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