Sivappu Manjal Pachai

Sivappu Manjal Pachai

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Madhan (GV Prakash) and Rajalakshmi (Lijomol Jose) aka Raji are siblings. Madhan, a thrill seeker, also takes part in bike races with his friends and in one such race he gets caught by traffic Sub Inspector Rajasekar (Siddharth) and gets humiliated as the video of his capture is uploaded online. During the course of their escape and incidents that take place, they understand each other and accept their relationship.

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    1. 10:00am
    2. 3:00pm
    3. 11:15pm

Cineplex Grand Hyatt

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    1. 5:30pm
    2. 11:05pm

City Centre Deira

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    1. 2:00pm
    2. 7:30pm

City Centre Sharjah

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    1. 11:40am
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    1. 1:45pm
    2. 10:55pm

City Centre Shindagha

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    1. 10:15am
    2. 11:20pm

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