Top Musical movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

The hills are alive with the sound of musicals! From toe-tapping chart-toppers like Mamma Mia! to classic dance extravaganzas like Grease, we’ve picked the best musicals for you to enjoy at VOX Cinemas. We hit all the right notes with our choice of ways for you to enjoy watching every dance number. 

You’ll be singing along with The Greatest Showman, thanks to clear Dolby Atmos surround sound at our MAX cinemas. The 20m mega-screen means you won’t miss a single frame of La La Land, either. The stars will gaze down over you at OUTDOOR as you cosy up on the lounge-style seating. If you’re bringing the children to experience a musical for the first time, try our family-friendly KIDS cinema with bold, colourful seating they’ll love. There’s even a party-room next door if they’re celebrating a birthday with friends.

They say music is the food of love, but if you’re feeling peckish, our THEATRE and GOLD VIP dining experiences are the perfect way to combine fine food with your night out watching a musical. You can enjoy delicious, decadent dishes, and relax on plush seating for a really memorable evening.

Musicals to make your heart sing

In a musical, the songs are interwoven into the plot and help tell the story. There are often dance numbers, too. Some musicals have brought us number one hits, while others use songs we already know and love. Whether you want to watch a live-action musical or an animated one, you’ll be singing along and all the way home in the car too. 

We show the best new musical movies and the occasionally, classics that will have you bopping in your seat. Take a look below at what’s on and book now.

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