Top Sports movies now showing at VOX Cinemas UAE

Step into the ring with Rocky Balboa, or face the Raging Bull. Sports movies are your all-access pass to the world of sports legends outside the ring and stadium. At VOX Cinemas, we’ve picked the best sports films that will have you cheering from the side-lines.

Our huge 20m screen at MAX is designed for the biggest blockbusters. Watch every swing, shot, or kick in total clarity. Hear the roar of the crowd like you’re right there with courtside seats thanks to Dolby Atmos surround sound. If all that sporting action is making you feel exhausted, you can relax in comfort in our premium large seats, complete with an armrest and side table for movie-night snacks. 

For the world’s most immersive movie experience, book a seat at the IMAX. You’ll be treated to lifelike images on an edge-to-edge screen and heart-pounding surround sound. If you’re watching gold medal-winning athletes on the big screen, treat yourself to our GOLD experience. You can enjoy gourmet snacks served at your leather reclining seat.

Be inspired by the best sports movies

The best sports films are more than a peek into a certain activity or sportsman’s life. Whether it’s a biopic or a fictional story, sports films document the triumph of human determination and perseverance to get to the top of their game. It could be a movie about driving, golf, football, basketball, or any one of the various sports out there. The passion and dedication required is an inspiration, even if it does mean plenty of blood, sweat and tears. And there are plenty of comedic moments in these stories to watch out for, too. 

From Moneyball to Creed II, we’ve got the perfect sporting triumph captured on film for you. Take a look below to see our top pick of the latest sports films.

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