Things to do while fasting

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly here and it’s a time for introspection, prayer, and contemplation as well as putting the wellbeing of others before your own needs by giving generously to those who are in need.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Ramadan is also a time of celebration and joy so in addition to looking forward to suhoor and iftar, when you come together as a family and enjoy a feast after a long day of fasting, why not treat yourself to a few activities that bring you a little pleasure too?

Ramadan in the UAE starts in May this year when the mercury starts rising. However, there’s plenty of things to do during Ramadan that can help you to keep your mind busy (and off the thought of food!). Here are a few of our favourites:

Enjoy yourself at the movies!

If you’re looking for things to do during Ramadan, then our top tip has to be going to the movies. We may be a little biased, but what could be better than watching your favourite movie under the stars in our open-air theatre? If the kids are finding fasting difficult during the day then our KIDS’s cinema will take their minds off any hunger pangs with a great, family-friendly film. For adults, our THEATRE by Rhodes experience means you can break your fast after sundown with gourmet food from a menu created by Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes and then enjoy an action-packed adventure film or a romantic comedy.

Head to the shopping mall

Not only is there lots to see and do in the country’s malls, but they’re fully air-conditioned too so it’s a great way to escape the heat of the day. Browse the shops while you wait for the sun to go down or visit the supermarket to buy groceries to cook your own Iftar feast. Once the sun sets, why not meet up with friends to break the fast and then head off to VOX Cinemas for an evening’s entertainment?

Charity work

Putting the welfare of others before yourself is one of the key tenets of the faith and particularly important during Ramadan. Use the time to get involved with charities such as Dubai’s Sharing Fridges which sets up fridges to provide food and drink to those in need or give a care package which delivers food and clothing packages to labourers.

Contemplation and prayer

This is the holy month so activities in Ramadan should focus around spiritual contemplation and prayer. Take the time to really appreciate the beauty of a mosque and how everything within it, right down to the design of the tiles and the decoration, represents different aspects of your faith.

Create your own art

Exploring your own creativity is a great way to celebrate Ramadan. Why not learn a new skill, like pottery, drawing, or painting? Traditional crafts such as weaving, or embroidery are also wonderful ways to express yourself and to keep your mind busy during the day.

Celebrate and enjoy Ramadan with VOX Cinemas

Ramadan in the UAE isn’t a time for locking yourself away – it’s a time for celebration, joy, and giving. Our cinemas are open all through the holy month, making a trip to the movies one of the best things to do during Ramadan. Why not check out the top films in our What’s On page or plan a family trip to the movies by checking out what’s coming soon to a theatre near you?