5 Reasons to Re-watch DC’s Aquaman

And if you haven’t watched it yet, here are five reasons why you absolutely must watch Aquaman. We’ll try to leave out any spoilers.


1.      Jason Momoa

If we could make him reasons 2, 3, 4 and 5, we definitely would, but, all jokes aside, Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Arthur Curry undoubtedly joins the top ranks of the most memorable performances ever seen in a superhero film.

The casting of Jason Momoa was inspired, giving us a hulking Arthur Curry. Justice League producer Deborah Snyder, put it best when she said “Jason is a physical presence. He's enormous - kind of scary, but at the same time he's warm and loving. And we felt like these were the characteristics Aquaman needed to have.” We totally agree.

Some feared that Arthur Curry’s unforgivingly boisterous personality, and blonde hair, could’ve been the downfall of the movie, but Jason Momoa’s take on the character was undeniably perfect. He brought humour to the film when it was needed and took a more serious tone when the plot called for it. Jason Momoa embodies Aquaman and all that he is. Let’s not forget how great he looks in the iconic green and gold outfit. All hail the king of seven seas!

2. The Storyline

The film tells the tale of a half-human, half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry who embarks on a valuable journey of self-discovery. Stemming from two different worlds, Curry has a hard time finding where he truly fits in - above the water on dry land or under the sea.

What’s so beautiful about Aquaman’s story is the message that viewers are left with. Arthur’s difference is not his greatest weakness, on the contrary, it is what makes him worthy - and that is a lesson we should all remember in this day and age.

3. The Strong Female Characters

Arthur Curry may be the titular character of the film, but the story doesn’t exist without the amazing women who share his life and kingdom: his mother, Atlanna and future wife, Mera.

In your typical superhero movie, the mother’s death falls at the centre of the story, but what James Wan and his team decided to do with Atlanna’s story completely changed the playing field. Instead of killing off Atlanna, beautifully portrayed by Nicole Kidman, Wan chose to make her a survivor, turned warrior. Not only is Aquaman’s mother one of the fiercest female characters in all of DC comics, but Mera, his love interest and eventually his wife, is a force of nature who comes to Arthur’s rescue when he needs it. The flame-haired princess is never a damsel in distress, on the contrary, she saves the day.

There’s no denying Aquaman and his incredible strength in his green and gold suit, but let’s admit that he wouldn’t have got this far without the epic and strong women by his side.

4. The Villains

We’re used to hearing the adage “a hero is only as strong as his villain.” It’s something James Wan made sure was true in this film. Aquaman features DC’s most sympathetic villain - and no we’re not referring to Arthur’s eerie arch nemesis, the Black Manta. We’re talking about the great King Orm, who also happens to be Arthur’s brother and their story definitely tugs at the heartstrings. You see, while Arthur grew up with his father, a good man who raised him to be a better person and always help others, Orm was raised by a tyrant king in the deep blue sea. Having grown up without the love and care of their mother, both men, while on completely opposite sides of the spectrum, are similar in a lot of ways. It’s very interesting to see how the dynamic plays out in the war of land vs. water or other vs brother - making King Orm one of our favourite villains.

5. The Visual Effects

Another thing that made this movie stunning are the visuals that left us staring at the screen in sheer, dumbfounded awe. From the incredible fight scenes to the giant spectacle that is the underwater world, the visual effects truly took Aquaman to the next level. Since most of the film happens under water, the team behind the scenes had the challenge of bringing this whole new world of Atlantis to life and they managed to create some of the most majestic scenes we’ve ever seen. Get ready to be transported to an aquatic world that is nothing like you’ve ever imagined.

Dive into the magical world of Atlantis and join Arthur on the journey of a lifetime.