Step into the Purr-fectly Puzzling World of Argylle

Our Report from the World Premiere in London, U.K.

 “The greater the spy, the bigger the lie.

Based on the best-selling book from mysterious author Elly Conway, Argylle is coming to the big screen at VOX Cinemas on 1 February. Step into a world of espionage, cats and lots of twists from the twisted mind of Matthew Vaughn. Starring Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, John Cena and Samuel L. Jackson, the film follows author Elly Conway as she’s drawn into a real world of espionage that feels a little too close to the plots of her books.

 Universal Pictures flew us out to London to attend the World Premiere at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on 24 January and experience two days filled with mystery and intrigue. This is our recap on all things Argylle: 


Leave all your predictions at the door when going in to see Argylle, as nothing can prepare you for the unraveling twists and turns jam-packed in the spy comedy.

 On Wednesday, 24 January we went to the Odeon Luxe at Leicester Square in London for the premiere. The red carpet (well, technically yellow) was rolled out and the square was adorned with argyle patterns, giant decorations, and an enormous cat carrier with an even more enormous Alfie (the scene-stealing cat) inside. Alfie, whose real name is Chip, was present at the premiere too, carried by none other than supermodel and actress Claudia Schiffer.

  As we walked the carpet, seeing waves of fans lined up on either side, we were awestruck by Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston, John Cena and the rest of the cast. Sam Rockwell and Bryan Cranston got into a lightsaber fight in the middle of the premiere, Chip the Cat stole our hearts, John Cena greeted each and every fan, and we even got a cheeky signature from none other than Agent Argylle himself – Henry Cavill. 


Still starstruck by a cast featuring some of cinema’s finest actors, we made our way to the auditorium where we were surprised to see a copy of Elly Conway’s book, Argylle, on every seat (along with some argyle socks). Shortly after, Matthew Vaughn walked out to welcome us to the World Premiere and introduced the cast one by one as they took to the stage to applause and cheers.

Once the lights dimmed, the Universal Pictures logo appeared on-screen, and we were transported into a world of spies and secrets, twists and turns, and enough laughs to knock your argyle socks off. Once the lights were back on, the auditorium erupted in a standing ovation. Matthew Vaughn had done it again, and we can’t wait to see more of Argylle on the big screen. 


But we weren’t in London just to attend the premiere, there was one more surprise in store for us – The Argylle Experience. We made our way to a room that was a complete recreation of Elly Conway’s office from the film, filled with real props used in the film. We posed for photos, took videos, and solved riddles and clues that led us to the next room. Our challenge? To decipher the code word “HOTRAU” (leave a comment if you figured it out).

Upon completing the challenge, we were taken into another room where one thing instantly caught our eye: Dua Lipa’s glittering gold screen-worn dress from Argylle was on display. The dress, which Dua had a hand in designing, sparkled bright right next to a shrine of Chip the Cat. A wall was adorned from the ceiling to the floor with framed photos of Chip, both in real life and in the film where he plays Elly Conway’s cat Alfie.

Agent Argylle was there to guide us throughout the entire experience (not Henry Cavill, but surprisingly quite close) and just as we thought we were wrapping up, Claudia Schiffer surprised us – but she wasn’t alone. She had brought Chip with her as well. We instantly fell in love with Chip as he greeted us (glad to see the fame didn’t get to him). Schiffer walked us through what it was like having her cat take center stage in Argylle and how she takes care of the beloved Scottish Fold. 

And with that, our Argylle trip reaches its conclusion. Whether you’re seeing it alone, or with friends or family, it’s the perfect blockbuster to kick off the year, and there’s plenty more to come. Argylle arrives across VOX Cinemas in the Middle East on 1 February. Experience it in IMAX, MAX, 4DX, THEATRE, MOONLIGHT and more. Grab your popcorn and get your tickets here

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