Top 10 Jude Law Movies & IMDB Scores

Jude Law, the British heartthrob and acclaimed actor, has charmed audiences for decades with his captivating performances and chiselled good looks. From period dramas to sci-fi epics, Law's versatility as an actor knows no bounds, earning him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base around the world.

Join us as we explore the top 10 Jude Law movies as reflected by their IMDB scores.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel (8.1)

In Wes Anderson's whimsical comedy, Law portrays a young writer interviewing Mr. Moustafa, the titular hotel's enigmatic owner and former lobby boy. Moustafa tells Law's character the story of his friendship and adventures with Monsieur Gustave, the eccentric former concierge to the Grand Budapest Hotel, his priceless painting 'Boy with Apple,' and how he, Moustafa, came to manage the hotel.

As the story unfolds, Law's character narrates much of the action, which unfolds against the backdrop of a European republic on the brink of war. His performance adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to Anderson's signature style, contrasting with the film's more playful and quirky elements.

2. Gattaca (7.7)

Law stars in this thought-provoking sci-fi thriller as Jerome Eugene Morrow, a genetically superior individual who sells his identity to help a friend (played by Ethan Hawke) achieve his dreams of space travel. With his nuanced portrayal of a man trapped by his genetic destiny, Law explores themes of identity, ambition, and the human spirit, elevating "Gattaca" from a standard dystopian thriller to a philosophical meditation on the nature of humanity.

3. Road to Perdition (7.7)

In this haunting crime drama set in the 1930s, Law plays Harlen Maguire, a cold and calculating hitman hired to track down a father and son on the run from the mob. With his icy demeanour and ruthless efficiency, Law embodies the essence of evil, serving as a formidable antagonist to Tom Hanks' conflicted protagonist. As the tension mounts and secrets are revealed, Law's performance adds an air of menace and unpredictability to the film's dark and brooding atmosphere.

4. Sherlock Holmes (7.6)

Guy Ritchie's stylish reimagining of the classic detective tales gave Jude Law an opportunity to star as Dr John Watson, the loyal friend and confidant of the titular sleuth Sherlock Holmes. With his dashing good looks and rakish charm, Law brings Watson to life as a capable and resourceful foil to Robert Downey Jr.'s eccentric Holmes. As the duo embarks on a series of thrilling adventures, Law's performance adds warmth and humanity to the dynamic partnership at the heart of the film.

5. The Aviator (7.5)

In Martin Scorsese's epic biographical drama about billionaire aviation tycoon Howard Hughes, Law portrays the iconic actor Errol Flynn, a larger-than-life figure who becomes a mentor and friend to Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. With his charisma and swagger, Law captures the essence of Flynn, infusing the character with charm and bravado. As Flynn's friendship with Hughes evolves against the backdrop of golden age Hollywood, Law's performance adds depth and dimension to the film's exploration of fame, fortune, and the American Dream.

6. Hugo (7.5)

Law appears in Martin Scorsese's enchanting fantasy film as Hugo's father, a clockmaker who tragically dies in a fire, leaving his son orphaned and alone. The boy then lives for a time in the walls of a Paris train station while undertaking a job oiling and maintaining the station’s clocks. But his true task is to guard a broken automaton and notebook left to him by his father, played by Law.

Despite his limited screen time, Law leaves a lasting impression with his heartfelt performance, conveying a sense of love and loss that reverberates throughout the film. As Hugo embarks on a journey to unlock the secrets of his father's past, Law's portrayal adds emotional weight to the narrative, grounding the fantastical elements in a poignant reality.

7. Enemy at the Gates (7.5)

In this gripping war drama set during the Battle of Stalingrad, Law stars as Vasily Zaitsev, a skilled Russian sniper who becomes a hero of the Soviet Union after embarking on countless missions assassinating Nazi officers. With his steely gaze and unwavering determination, Law faces off against a formidable German Major - a fellow sniper - while also trying to resolve a love triangle between himself, Tania (Rachel Weisz) and his best friend Danilov (Joseph Fiennes).

Law's performance adds depth and complexity to the character, making him a symbol of hope and defiance in the face of overwhelming odds.

8. The Talented Mr. Ripley (7.4)

In Anthony Minghella's psychological thriller, Law portrays Dickie Greenleaf, a charming and affluent playboy whose idyllic life in Italy is disrupted by the arrival of the enigmatic and quietly murderous Tom Ripley, played by Matt Damon. As tensions escalate between Dickie and Tom, secrets are revealed, and Law's performance brings intrigue and ambiguity to the film's complex web of lies and deception.

With his magnetic presence and devil-may-care attitude, Law embodies the carefree decadence of the Jazz Age, serving as both a mentor and a rival to Ripley.

9. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (7.4)

The action-packed sequel to “Sherlock Holmes” sees Law reprise his role as Dr. John Watson, once again joining forces with Robert Downey Jr.'s eccentric detective to foil a diabolical plot orchestrated by their arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty. With his steadfast loyalty and unwavering determination, Law brings depth and humanity to Watson, grounding the film's larger-than-life spectacle in a relatable emotional core. As the duo embarks on their most dangerous adventure yet, Law's performance adds heart and humour to the exhilarating action and suspense.

10. Closer (7.2)

In this intense romantic drama, Law stars as Dan, a charming but conflicted writer who becomes entangled in a complex web of love, lust, and betrayal. The story sees Dan navigate romantic relationships with two women - his girlfriend and a photographer - played by Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts, respectively. Dan's relationships are complicated further after he drags a man called Larry (Clive Owen) into the mix by impersonating Julia Roberts on her computer.

With his portrayal of a flawed and vulnerable man struggling to find meaning and fulfilment, Law adds depth and authenticity to the film's exploration of the highs and lows of modern romance.

Jude Law's performances are a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor, with each of these top 10 movies showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his captivating performances and magnetic screen presence. Whether he's portraying a suave gentleman, a tortured artist, or a conflicted hero, Law's performances are always compelling and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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