Pick Your Favourite Cinema Snack And We'll Tell You Which 2019 Movie You Should Watch

Food and films—our two greatest loves!

Get the popcorn ready. It's time for a movie night. Picking the right movie to watch can be as hard as deciding which snacks to buy at the cinema counter. Lucky for you, we're here to help!

With our ever-expanding food and drinks menus (more on that here), we literally combined our love for food and films into our first ever VOX Voice quiz.

Are you ready to play? 

Take the quiz and share your answers with us

Spreading happiness one outlet at a time! 

In case you didn't know, City Centre Mirdif has introduced not one, but two new food offerings—Nutella and Pizza Al Taglio outlets. 

You can binge on a menu of mouth-watering treats, like crêpes, pancakes and waffles topped with the irresistible hazelnut-chocolate spread at the Nutella store. Or grab a baked-to-order square slice from Pizza Al Taglio. 

You don’t want to miss these delicious treats. Buon appetit!