No Joke: Joker could be the best movie of 2019

The news of a standalone Joker  movie left many hardcore DC fans uncertain but after seeing the first teaser, those doubts were quickly extinguished. Not only does Joaquin Phoenix portray Joker  in an all-new light, the movie also introduces us to a gritty and raw Gotham; intriguing, dark, and full of mystery. 

At the 76th Venice Film Festival, Joker  raked in an array of overwhelmingly positive reviews including an 8-minute standing ovation. Critics praised Phoenix for his dark and twisted portrayal of the super villain and minutes after the press’ sneak peek, reviews started rolling in with IGN giving Joker  its first 10/10 and Empire bestowing a 5/5 honor.

Critics even took to the streets to announce how great Joker was

And the verdict was unanimous 

Many spotted the Scorsese influence 

And it seems like Joker is on it's way to being a full-blown Oscar contender

A watershed moment in cinematic history

Director Todd Philips, influenced by the likes of Taxi Driver & The King of Comedy, has envisioned a new and complex character set in a darker version of the beloved Gotham. And we cannot wait to see it. 

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker  releases across VOX Cinemas (including IMAX) on 3 October. Bookmark this page and watch this space for updates on advance ticket sales.