Top 5 The Lord of the Rings Characters

Peter Jackson’s iconic The Lord of the Rings trilogy is returning to the big screen at VOX Cinemas starting this Thursday, 18 February. The epic fantasy adventure films, known for being one of the greatest and most influential film series ever made, tells the story of hobbit Frodo Baggins as he and his Fellowship embark on a quest to destroy the One Ring to ensure the destruction of its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron.

There’s so much to love about The Lord of the Rings, whether it’s the inspiring story, incredible score, or breathtaking visuals. However, it cannot be denied that the characters that embark on the perilous journey to destroy the One Ring are at the core of the films. In this VOX Voice, we’re taking a look at five of our favourite The Lord of the Rings characters.


5. Éowyn

“I am no man.”

Éowyn plays a seemingly small role in the overall story of The Lord of the Rings, but it's in no way insignificant. As the men of Rohan prepare for battle outside Minas Tirith, the women and children are sent to hide. Longing for battle and to protect Middle Earth from the threat of Sauron, Éowyn disguises herself as a soldier and rides off with the men to fight.

Her involvement proves to be vital in bringing peace to Middle Earth, as it's Éowyn who defeats the Witch King. Boasting of his invincibility, the Witch King mocks Éowyn, who is still disguised as a foot-soldier, by declaring that no man can kill him. Éowyn then reveals herself to be a woman, exploiting the loophole in his invincibility, and says the iconic phrase “I am no man” as she pierces her sword into the Witch King’s face, killing him.

4. Gollum

“My precious!”

Gollum, originally known as Sméagol, was once a Hobbit. While on a fishing trip with his cousin on his birthday, they came upon a ring in the water. Sméagol instantly fell victim to the influence of the ring, killing his cousin to claim it as his own. The ring’s effect on Sméagol twisted his body and mind, turning him into a rotting shell of who he once was.

The most heartbreaking thing about Gollum is that he is constantly having an internal struggle with two different versions of himself fighting for control. The innocent Sméagol and the vile creature Gollum are always at odds further destroying what little remained of his mind. Although he suffered a tragic ending, Gollum became a cultural icon thanks to Andy Serkis’ brilliant performance. He will forever be remembered as one of cinema’s most memorable characters.

3. Legolas

“You have my bow.”

There’s something about the elf Legolas that makes him so memorable. He’s one of those movie characters that you just can’t get enough of, whether it’s due to Orlando Bloom’s charming performance or how he almost never misses a bullseye with his bow-and-arrow.

As the films progress, so does his friendship with the dwarf Gimli, who he was initially at odds with. Their constant quips to one another and challenges mid-battle bring a levity to the films we didn’t know we needed. It’s showcased best when Gimli says: “I never thought I’d die fighting side by side with an elf.”  to which Legolas responds, “What about side by side with a friend?”

2. Samwise Gamgee

“I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”

The world would be a much merrier place if more people had friends like Samwise Gamgee. The hobbit, who initially served as Frodo Baggins’ gardener, joined Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring. Despite never stepping foot out of The Shire prior to their adventure, Sam braved the most perilous landscape and fought off countless enemies to ensure Frodo could complete his quest.

Even when the One Ring began to corrupt Frodo, Sam refused to give up on his friend. As they got closer to the fires of Mordor, Frodo grew weaker. Sam gave up his food, stood guard as Frodo slept and even stood by his friend as a weakened and corrupted Frodo began to accuse Sam of trying to steal the ring for himself. Knowing the pain Frodo was enduring, Sam believed in him and even physically carried Frodo up Mount Doom. Needless to say, without Sam, Frodo would have never completed his quest.

 1. Aragorn

“A day may come where the courage of men fails, but it is not this day.”

Aragorn is the ultimate reluctant hero. Heir to the throne of Gondor, he’s initially hesitant to accept his true calling as a leader. However, he proves to be absolutely essential in the quest to destroy the One Ring. Not only does he help restore peace to Middle Earth, but he restores faith in mankind as an honourable king.

Played to perfection by Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn is an inspiring leader who brings out the best in those around him. Whether he’s protecting the hobbits from the Nazgûl or convincing an army of cursed undead soldiers to join him in the fight against Sauron, Aragorn will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders to ever grace the silver screen.

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