Top 10 Dwayne Johnson Movies & IMDB Scores

With his trademark eyebrow raise and more muscles than all of the competitors at a Mr Universe contest, Dwayne Johnson is instantly recognisable. This former WWF wrestling star has carved out a lucrative career as an action hero with big pecs and an even bigger heart. In just a few short years, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has become an A-Lister in Hollywood and has built up a legion of fans around the world.

The best Dwayne Johnson movies have plenty of action but also have a liberal sprinkling of Johnson's wry and often self-effacing humour. This is a guy we'd happily let babysit the kids, meet our folks, or take to a family picnic. He's also exactly the kind of guy you want on your side when things start exploding and the bad guys start shooting!

If you’re new to the action-packed world of movies by Dwayne Johnson, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 films we think the whole family will love. Grab some popcorn, settle in, and let’s go on a rollercoaster ride with The Rock.

1. Moana – 2016 – 7.1

Dwayne Johnson is the perfect fit for this enchanting Disney movie that was a worldwide smash hit in 2016. Drawing on stories from Polynesian mythology, it’s a tale of terrifying curses and the resilience of Moana, daughter of the Polynesian island chief. When the village’s supply of food is cut off, it is up to Moana to lift the curse by convincing the demigod Maui to return the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Can she persuade the feckless Maui to do the right thing? A fantastic family movie that kids will adore and one of the top Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

2. Fighting with my Family – 2019 – 7.1

Dwayne Johnson plays himself in this heartwarming tale. Ricky (played by Nick Frost) and his wife make a living performing in low-budget wrestling matches. This former wrestler wants so much more for his beloved kids, who are forced to be a part of the family show. When the kids get a chance to audition for the big league and a spot as WWF wrestlers, all that could change overnight. But do they have what it takes to succeed in the tough world of professional wrestling?

3. Fast & Furious 5 - 2011 – 7.3

The F&F franchise is among the most successful of all time, and Dwayne Johnson is a big part of its appeal. In F&F5, he plays federal lawman Hobbs, who is determined to bring Dom and the gang to justice. But can Hobbs work out who the real bad guys are? With some violence, this may not be a suitable film for younger viewers.

4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – 2017 – 6.9

Following Robin Williams was always going to be a tough act, but Dwayne Johnson took the Jumanji story and made it his own. Updated for the Xbox generation, this version of Jumanji takes the original story and adds new perils and incredible adventures. It's a must-see on any Dwayne Johnson movie list, with plenty of humour and excitement.

5. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 2019 – 6.5

Teaming up with Jason Statham, this spin-off from the F&F franchise sees Johnson revive his Hobbs character. Hobbs and Shaw (Statham) loathe one another, but they need to work together to combat the terrifying threat posed by a shadowy Illuminati and their genetically enhanced henchman (played by Idris Elba). A stellar cast and non-stop action make this one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies.

6. Central Intelligence – 2016 – 6.3

Mild-mannered accountant Calvin Joyner (played by Kevin Hart) is contacted out of the blue by former high-school pal Bob Stone (Johnson). But is this goofy giant of a man all he appears to be? Calvin soon finds his life spiralling out of control as the FBI relentlessly hunts them both. Twist and double twist make this a thrilling and highly entertaining comedy-drama.

7. Black Adam – 2022 – 6.2

With his physique, Johnson and superhero roles are a natural fit. However, Black Adam is a very different and altogether darker direction for Johnson, playing a 5,000-year-old entity imbued with ferocious powers. Released from the bonds placed on him by the Egyptian gods, he is once again unleashed into an unsuspecting world. Is he the anti-hero that we need? A violent and powerful take on the usual superhero movies, Black Adam certainly earns its place on any Dwayne Johnson movies list.

8. San Andreas – 2015 – 6.1

Anyone who lives in California has the constant fear of the San Andreas fault unleashing its deadly power. In this movie, California has been hit by a massive earthquake caused by the fault. Johnson plays a rescue helicopter pilot who has to reunite with his estranged wife to try and save their family in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster ever to hit the USA.

9. Red Notice – 2021 – 6.3

The whip-sharp humour of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson’s own sense of fun are a match made in heaven in this hilarious spy romp. An Interpol agent (Johnson) pursues a ‘most wanted’ and ends up tangled in a web of cross and double cross between the world’s two greatest art thieves. With plenty of action and Gal Gadot playing the two men against each other, it’s a non-stop comedy action caper that takes all three characters into the most unlikely of locations.

10. Jungle Cruise – 2021 – 6.6

This entertaining family film and the last one on our list of top 10 Dwayne Johnson movies takes its cue from a famous and hugely popular Disneyland ride. When Dr Lily Houghton (played by Emily Blunt) sets off down the unexplored Amazon River, it's up to riverboat captain Frank Wolff (Johnson) to keep her safe. As they travel deeper, ancient curses and hard-hearted enemies do everything they can to stop the expedition from discovering the lost gold treasure of the Conquistadors. It's a fun family adventure with some scenes that can be a little scary for very young viewers.

With a glittering career still ahead of him and a solid list of movies already in the can, we’re sure that we’ll be adding to our list of the best movies in our Dwayne Johnson filmography in the future. In the meantime, there are plenty of fantastic films by The Rock for you to discover, all of which are filled with his quintessential humour and, of course, that eyebrow raise!

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