Best 10 Jason Momoa Movies and IMDB Scores

With a piercing gaze, rugged good looks and a powerful physique, it is no surprise that Jason Momoa ended up as a Hollywood heart-throb. Loved by millions of fans worldwide for his characters in iconic series such as Game of Thrones and Stargate: Atlantis, Momoa has made the transfer to the big screen look effortless. Jason Momoa movies bring in the crowds, and he has become a prominent leading actor in everything from fantasy adventures to hardcore action.

Naturally, we all love Jason here at VOX Cinemas, so we've compiled a list of the best Jason Momoa movies. Some you've probably already heard of, and some may not be familiar. But all of them feature this Hawaiian actor's wonderfully brooding and forceful performances in a variety of different roles. Settle in with some popcorn, and let's take a look at the top ten Jason Momoa movies.

1. Bullet to the head – 2012 – 5.7

What's better than one action hero? Why, two, of course! Teaming up Momoa with the legend that is Silvester Stallone, this non-stop action thriller is a rollercoaster of a ride featuring hitmen, dirty cops, and more double-crosses than you can count. After two hitmen are killed and a cop is found dead, a Washington DC detective (Stallone) has to step outside his comfort zone to hunt down a vicious and deadly mercenary (Momoa). Who is the big shot behind the killings? And who can a cop trust when his back is against the wall? This is one of the best Jason Momoa movies and is well worth watching.

2. Road To Paloma – 2014 – 6.0

As far as road movies go, they don't get much more intense than this. Starring as Wolf, this was also Momoa's directorial debut, and he draws on his Native American ancestry as well as his love of old Harley Davidson motorcycles to create a powerful and intense road movie. Wolf avenges his mother's murder and is forced to go on the run across the great American Plains. As he searches for answers and possibly forgiveness for his crimes, his journey takes him down some very unexpected roads. It's a movie that doesn't get the exposure it deserves and is worthy of a place in any Jason Momoa filmography.

3. Wolves – 5.3 – 2014

Momoa likes to play the bad guy as much as the hero, and in this lupine horror, he plays Connor, the leader of a pack of bloodthirsty werewolves. A young man takes to the open road after his parents are murdered, eventually meeting "Wild Joe." This crazy mountain man sends him towards Lupine Ridge to hunt down the werewolves that may have been responsible for his parents' deaths. But who is hunting whom?

4. The Bad Batch – 5.2 – 2016

In this electrifying horror movie, a young girl is left to fend for herself in a desolate landscape. After being captured by a savage group of cannibals led by the imposing "Miami Man"(played by Momoa), the girl has to escape and make her own way in this dystopian landscape. A touch of Mad Max meets Brave New World makes this one of the best Jason Momoa movies.

5. Once Upon a Time in Venice – 2017 – 5.3

It seems that in Hollywood, the worst thing you can do is steal a man’s dog! This action-adventure features Bruce Willis as an LA Private Eye whose beloved pet, Buddy, is snatched by a gang. With a healthy dose of comedy balancing the action scenes, Willis goes to increasingly crazy lengths to find Buddy. Momoa plays Spider, a man with a big vendetta against Willis.

6. Braven – 2018 – 5.9

In the Canadian wilderness, you need to be tough to survive. Momoa plays Joe Braven, the owner of a logging company who crosses paths with a dangerous gang of drug runners. Will Braven allow his logging business to become a front for a massive cocaine ring, or can he fight off the drug lord and his henchmen while protecting his vulnerable family? It's a tense, edge-of-the-seat thriller from start to finish.

7. Aquaman – 2018 – 6.8

It was inevitable that Momoa would eventually join the ranks of Hollywood’s superheroes, and Aquaman is the natural fit for this surf-loving Hawaiian actor. When Arthur Curry discovers that he is only half-human, he also discovers that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. However, his evil half-brother currently holds power and wants to wage war on the surface world. It is time for Arthur to fulfil his destiny, battle his brother, and prevent war between the seven underwater kingdoms and the surface world.

8. Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 2021 – 7.9

Taking his place alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and The Flash, Momoa revives his role as Atlantean king Aquaman to try and save the world from a dark cabal of evil characters. Justice League breathed new life into the DC world, and this version of the Justice League is one of the top Jason Momoa movies of all time. Some scenes may not be suitable for younger viewers.

9. Fast X – 2023 – 5.8

The tenth film in the phenomenally successful Fast & Furious franchise sees Momoa go toe to toe with Vin Diesel’s legendary Dom. There is nothing quite like revenge to fuel a battle between good and evil. In this non-stop action thriller, Momoa plays Dante, the son of a Brazilian drug lord that Dom and the team destroyed back in Fast 5. Dante is out for blood after spending the last ten years plotting revenge. Can Dom defeat the most powerful and lethal enemy he has ever faced?

10. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – 2023 – 5.6

Our final offering on our list of the top 10 Jason Momoa movies is the sequel to the hugely successful Aquaman. This time, Arthur meets an old enemy once again, the terrifying Black Manta, who is out to avenge his father’s death. The only way to defeat Black Manta and the power of the mythical Black Trident is for Aquaman to call on the services of his imprisoned brother and forge an uncomfortable alliance. This visually spectacular movie takes us once again into the world of the Atlanteans and looks at how family ties can be revived to help protect the greater good from evil. It is an exciting and entertaining film with some scenes that may not be suitable for younger viewers.

As Jason Momoa's film career is relatively recent, we're sure there will be plenty more Jason Momoa movies to add to this list of favourites in years to come.

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