Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies & IMDB Scores

Oscar-winner and Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has captivated audiences for decades with his mesmerising performances and dedication to his craft. From his early roles as a teenage Romeo to his critically acclaimed collaborations with legendary directors like Tarantino and Scorsese, DiCaprio's filmography is a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor.

Join us as we explore the top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio movies, each a masterpiece in its own right and a showcase of his incredible range and skill, as reflected by their IMDB scores.

1. Inception (8.8)

In Christopher Nolan's mind-bending sci-fi thriller, DiCaprio stars as Dom Cobb, a skilled thief who steals secrets from the subconscious minds of his targets through a form of dream infiltration called Inception. With his brooding intensity and emotional depth, DiCaprio anchors the film as a haunted protagonist grappling with guilt and loss. As Cobb navigates the labyrinthine layers of the dream world, DiCaprio's performance keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, questioning reality and the nature of perception.

2. Django Unchained (8.5)

DiCaprio delivers a chilling performance in Quentin Tarantino's explosive western as Calvin Candie, a sadistic plantation owner with a penchant for brutality and cruelty who holds the protagonist Django's wife as a slave on his plantation. In one scene, Dicaprio famously slices his hand open on a piece of broken glass yet carries on with the scene.

As Candie's sinister machinations unfold, DiCaprio imbues the character with complexity and menace, making him one of the most memorable villains in recent cinematic history.

3. The Departed (8.5)

Leo stars as Billy Costigan in this infamously gritty crime drama from Martin Scorcese. Costigan is an undercover cop tasked with infiltrating the Irish mob in Boston, led by a disturbed and menacing Jack Nicholson. Unfortunately for Costigan, the mob has its own informer within the police - played by Matt Damon - who is working furiously to determine whether Costigan is a rat.

With his raw intensity and vulnerability, DiCaprio delivers a powerhouse performance, capturing his character's moral ambiguity and inner turmoil. As Costigan walks a dangerous tightrope between loyalty and betrayal, DiCaprio keeps audiences guessing until the film's explosive climax, earning critical acclaim and a well-deserved Oscar nomination for his riveting portrayal.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (8.2)

In Martin Scorsese's raucous black comedy, DiCaprio embodies the excesses of Wall Street as Jordan Belfort, a charismatic stockbroker who rises to unprecedented heights of wealth and debauchery. But as Belfort's empire crumbles and his demons come back to haunt him, DiCaprio navigates the highs and lows of his character's journey with wit, charisma, and a hint of vulnerability.

Working alongside Hollywood stars Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, DiCaprio delivers a tour de force performance, immersing himself in Belfort's hedonistic lifestyle with reckless abandon

5. Shutter Island (8.2)

DiCaprio once again partners with Scorcese for this psychological thriller, in which he stars as Teddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshal investigating the disappearance of a patient at a remote psychiatric hospital. As Daniels unravels the dark secrets of Shutter Island, DiCaprio keeps audiences guessing until the film's shocking conclusion, delivering a performance that is as chilling as it is unforgettable.

With his haunted eyes and tormented demeanour, DiCaprio plunges into the depths of madness and paranoia, blurring the lines between reality and delusion, once again offering a world-class performance.

6. Catch Me If You Can (8.2)

In Steven Spielberg's stylish caper film, DiCaprio portrays Frank Abagnale Jr., a real-life con artist who successfully impersonated an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer before his 19th birthday. As Abagnale eludes capture and outwits the authorities at every turn, DiCaprio's performance shines, infusing the film with humour, suspense, and heart. And thanks to his boyish charm and quick wit, DiCaprio captures the audacity and charisma of Abagnale, making him a sympathetic and charismatic antihero.

7. The Revenant (8)

DiCaprio stars in Alejandro González Iñárritu's epic survival drama as Hugh Glass, a frontiersman left for dead by his comrades after being mauled by a bear in the wilderness. Dicaprio delivers a tour de force performance as Glass, who, after recovering from the mauling, embarks on a treacherous journey of revenge and redemption, which finally earned him an Oscar for best actor.

8. Blood Diamond (8)

In Edward Zwick's gripping political thriller, DiCaprio portrays Danny Archer, a mercenary searching for a rare pink diamond in war-torn Sierra Leone. As Archer, Dicaprio forms an unlikely alliance with a Mende fisherman called Solomon (Djimon Hounsou) and journalist Maddy (Jennifer Connely), who together navigate the treacherous landscape of conflict diamonds while trying to find Solomon’s son, who was conscripted as a child soldier.

Once again, Dicaprio delivers a performance that is as intense as it is compelling.

9. Titanic (7.9)

Leo takes on the role of protagonist Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s epic romance Titanic. Dawson is a free-spirited artist who falls in love with Rose - a young socialite - aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic. As Jack and Rose's romance unfolds against the backdrop of the legendary ship's maiden voyage, DiCaprio's performance is passionate and poignant, earning him a place in cinematic history as one-half of the most iconic couple in film.

10. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (7.7)

In Lasse Hallström's heartfelt drama, DiCaprio delivers a breakthrough performance as Arnie Grape, a developmentally disabled teenager living in a small Iowa town. Unfortunately, Arnie's older brother Gilbert struggles to care for him and navigate the challenges of small-town life, and things quickly get out of hand.

DiCaprio's performance is described as a revelation - it earned him his first Academy Award nomination and helped establish him as one of Hollywood's most promising young talents at the time.

Leonardo DiCaprio's filmography is a testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication as an actor, with each of these top 10 movies showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his mesmerising performances and emotional depth.

From his early roles as a teenage heartthrob to his transformative portrayals of complex characters, DiCaprio's versatility and range are unmatched, earning him critical acclaim, box office success, and a well-deserved place among the greatest actors of his generation.

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