Your Favourite Blockbusters Return to the Big Screen

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We're thrilled to welcome you back and have put in place enhanced health and safety measures to give you added peace of mind while you relish big screen entertainment.

Enter #VOXFilmFest, which brings some of the greatest blockbusters back to the big screen. From reliving the magic of Christopher Nolan's epic war film Dunkirk to watching the best of 2019’s Oscar winners, and unmissable DC and Marvel films  - the entertainment simply doesn't stop at our cinemas. 


Here's what our upcoming schedule for #VOXFilmFest looks like:

Best of the 91st Academy Awards

Release date - 27 May

DC Comics Part 1

Release date - 4 June

Sony Marvel And Disney Marvel Part 1

Release date - 11 June

Warner Brothers

Release date - 11 June

Christopher Nolan

Release date - 11 June

Sony Marvel Part 2

Release date - 18 June

Disney Marvel Part 2

Release date - 25 June