Private Cinema: Menu 

VOX Cinemas at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

Cold Selection

Tabouleh with Kale and Chia Seeds 
Olive oil, fresh parsley and lemon juice
AED 55 

Cold Mezze Platter
Taste of the Orient Selection of tabouleh, hummus, moutabel, fattoush, labneh with mint, warak enab
AED 75 

Finger Sandwiches
Two pieces each of cucumber, smoked salmon and crab meat
AED 75 

Trio of Quinoa
Black, red and white quinoa with citrus dressing    
AED 55 

Chicken Caesar Salad
Heart of Romaine lettuce tossed in zesty light anchovy dressing with garlic croutons, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken    
AED 70 

With sea salt flakes
AED 35

Sandwiches & Bites

Hot Mezze Platter
Spinach fatayer, kebbeh and cheese rukak
AED 40

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip
AED 35

Kempinski Signature Club House
Free range chicken breast, turkey bacon, basil aioli, fried egg and Cheddar cheese 
AED 75

Classic New York Style Veal or Chicken Hot Dog
Gherkins, crispy onions and fresh tomato
AED 75

Shawarma Twister
Traditional chicken shawarma served with spicy vegetables and garlic mayonnaise
AED 75

Chicken Quesadilla
Grilled chicken, pesto, fresh mozzarella and oven-dried tomatoes
AED 55

Nachos El Grande
Chilli con carne, Cheddar cheese and jalapeños
AED 45

Wagyu Beef Burger
Slow-cooked beef patty with Cheddar cheese, mushrooms and onion
AED 90

Chicken Burger
Tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and Cheddar cheese
AED 45

Veggie Burger
Three mini vegetarian burgers topped with fresh Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pesto mayonnaise in a coloured brioche bun
AED 60

All sandwiches are served with French fries 


Oriental Spiced Lamb Chops 
Six grilled lamb chops marinated with Arabian spices, served with grilled vegetables and country fries
AED 150

Black Angus Rib Eye (350g)
Served with peppercorn sauce and country fries
AED 200

Sea Snacks (single/sharing)
Grilled prawns, salmon, sea scallop and calamari rings with remoulade
AED 75/145

Satay Selection
Prawn, lamb and chicken satay with peanut sauce
AED 100

Margherita Pizza
Classic Italian, tomato-based pizza topped with mozzarella cheese
AED 60


Umm Ali
An Egyptian warm dessert with puff pastry, raisins, nuts and whipped cream
AED 45

Mascarpone custard layered with whipped cream and coffee
AED 45

Chocolate Brownie
Warm chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream
AED 45

Seasonal Fruit Platter 
Selection of seasonal exotic fruits, infused with orange, star anise, cinnamon, sugar syrup, and served with lemon sorbet
AED 50

Premium Selection of French Cheese
Served with crackers, grapes and walnuts
AED 65