Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Food Lover You Are

Going to the movies isn't just about eating popcorn and nachos. Whether you're a spice-loving vegetarian or a committed carnivore, a healthy eater or a fussy one — there is something for every food lover at VOX Cinemas. 

Want to know which category you fall under? Take this quiz to find out if you're a true gourmand, a hangry foodie... or somewhere in between.

Are you ready to play? 

Take the quiz and share your answers with us. 

(P.S If you don't like your results, take it again before you share it on Facebook.)

You can now order food and drinks online

From delicious desi dishes to healthy salads, gourmet burgers, irresistible desserts and refreshing beverages — your Candy Bar favourites are now available online. 

You can order your food and drinks online through our website or the VOX app and collect it when you arrive at the cinema.